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Jesse Donat
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Jesse Donat The album I needed to get me through the first couple months of COVID Favorite track: Gettin Coffee (feat. Tommy Smith).
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I'm washing my hands Washing my hands and I like it I'm washing my hands Washing my hands oh what fun I'm now done washing my hands
Someone needs a muthafukkin coffee Someone needs a muthafukkin coffee Someone needs a muthafukkin coffee Someone needs a muthafukkin coffee Pick me up Don't put me down Pick me up Don't put me down Pick me up Don't put me down Time for coffee break Pick me up Don't put me down Pick me up Don't put me down Pick me up Don't put me down Ooo it tastes great
Hyding 01:35
One hand on the other Solitude my lover Hiding away from the world One lighthouse to another Reaching for each other Shining away to the world
City Tour 01:48
Let's go me and you On the city tour
Green 00:20
I love blue and I love yellow But I don't know what color to paint my toes I guess I'll go with Green
Sound Bites 02:10
No Worries 00:25
I never wanna worry again I never wanna worry again So much stress and anxiety Makes me older than I wanna be I never wanna worry again I never wanna worry again At least for the next 20 seconds I'm not gonna worry
lyrics by Michael Buchino adjustments & additional lyrics by John Osebold Wake up Get up Clock in Zone out Turn on Work out Run around Head down Go out Eat in Stay up Get down Give in Burn out Give up Drop down Dream big Dream and grow Enough for two Believe in Believe in Your other self too Nobody tries Lesser minds think alike If you can dream it You can don’t it Love your work Love what you’re doing Love their work Love what they’re doing Dream big Dream and grow Enough for two Believe in Believe in Your other self too
song & lyrics by Stella Altwies Hush my darling Don't you cry Mama's gonna sing you a lullaby If you shake or tremble Don't you worry Cuz I'm gonna make you feel safe Cuz I am your mama You are my baby girl I will always be here for you Forever and ever ever I love you
My train ain’t left the station It can’t get outta bed It’s sittin there wonderin If it would just be better off dead The tracks go to the great beyond But I tell that locomotive To keep on keepin on First I lost my drive Then I lost my health Then I lost my mind Last I lost myself They’ve all gone to the great beyond But I try to find a way To keep on keepin on I see you lookin down You say you lost your way And you know for certain That your train ain’t a comin today Can’t think about that great beyond Just take one step And keep on keepin on Then tomorrow take another and another And keep on keepin on
Air France Get back to me Air France Let me leave Air France Why don't you believe my story Dear Air France There's no time to dance And I'm not wearing pants And it's time to go It's time to leave Why don't you believe I need you to see I need to see my family And it's time to go
Vibes 02:32
Just for a moment In the first morning light There’s nothing to be afraid of No wrong or right But there’s no stopping gravity And it comes in waves Let it wash over and through you Give in - be saved Starlight star bright Wish I may wish I might Be a lighthouse of good vibes For all ships at night Yeah there’s no stopping gravity And the endless waves But it’s ok to crumble And rebuild again Just sing Na na na na Na na na


This free album was made by an army of spirited collaborators donating homemade sound clips during the pandemic. Viva la virtual connection. Keep making stuff.



released March 21, 2020

The Remotes:

Cover art by Julie Alpert

walking vocal: Tommy Smith
man screams: thanvannispen (freesound.org)
kid screams: India Osebold & Mei von Fliss
raining legos: Chris Policheri

wind chimes: Christopher Hydinger

opening vocal: Bennett Oneppo
drums, doumbek, rattle: Doug Marrapodi
vocal: Reggie Watts
vocal: Brangien Davis
hubub & caws: Grace Flott
doorstopper: Jordan Kowalke
vocal: Daniel Spils
bullseye vocals: Hans & Stella Altwies
toddler vocal: Arlo Thompson
rooster: Amanda Slepski
pots: Christopher Frizzelle
birds: Lydia Watson

cutting bass strings: Basil Harris
ooo vocal: Sarah Ackermann

dishwasher percussion: Brian Lowry
sore throat fx: Mirna Mujacic
apartment building sounds: Elisa Law & Emilie Neal
flute: David Shapiro
"so good" choir: Sam Lamb
vibraphone: Jesse Driscoll
totwaffle: Eric Ray Anderson
vocal: Montana von Fliss
cough syrup shaker: Christopher Frizzelle
detuned bass: Basil Harris
sick vocal: Reagan Mouritsen
and featuring the cat symphony (and their owners):
Ruffles & Burt (Allie Gerlach)
Yam Kemmis (Scott Lydon & Kristy Tye)
Tybalt (Dakota von Fliss)
Ziggy (Hana Lass)
plus special guest Kermit the dog (Reagan Mouritsen)

chopstick & glass percussion: Scott Lydon

broken keyboard: Amy Nance
MIDI melody & beat: Stefan Gruber
passing car: Alex Mayberry
niece playing kid guitar: Susannah Anderson
cross stick catch, snare & floor tom: Doug Marrapodi
shower curtain rings: Chad Smith
harmonica: Steven Barker
piano: Ivy Montgomery
melodica: Kat Vatne
glass clink: Lily Walter
guitar: Remy Cardio
sunday morning birds: Jess Klein
mouth sounds: Jules Borges
mouth sounds: Paulette Perhach
mouth sounds: Nolan (Andrea Schmitt)

sung by Stella Altwies
recorded by Hans Altwies

toy guitar: Anndi (recorded by Jeff Ridlington)
ahhh: Nancy Guppy
keep on keepin on: Phillip J. Mellen
heyyy: Reggie Watts
vitamin D shaker & xanax shaker: Christopher Frizzelle
piano: John Ackermann
hello kitty guitar: Mei von Fliss
good luck/have a good day: Andy Jensen
joyful noise on capitol hill recorded by Christopher Frizzelle

vocal & harmonium: Mark Siano

pedal steel: Pete Remine
melodica: Kat Vatne
bass string removal: Basil Harris
ooo vocal: Llysa Holland
ooo vocal: Sarah Ackermann
vibraphone: Jesse Driscoll
workroom ambiance: Thomas Hanchett & Sara Osebold
piano: Sonya Cardio
hey: Sascha, Jessica, Joshua, Samantha, and Jemma Hynoski
laughter: Japhy Redmond

vocal: Julia Francis
intro samba beat: Laura Duncan
intro dryer drone: Scott Lydon
hi-end acoustic guitar: Rick Miller
jingling dog collar: Franklin Felito Tinytoes (courtesy of Lisa Sanphillippo)

Allemanda from Violin Partita No. 2 in D Minor by J.S. Bach performed by: Victoria Parker
electronic beat: Andy Arkley
doumbek: Doug Marrapodi
samba beat: Laura Duncan

All other sounds made by Jose Bold

Lyrics by John Osebold except
GETTIN COFFEE by Tommy Smith & John
AIR FRANCE by Mark Siano
YOUR OTHER SELF by Michael Buchino & John
LULLABY by Stella Altwies


all rights reserved



Jose Bold Seattle, Washington


aka John Osebold

new album every December

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