Mts to Sound

by Jose Bold

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mastered by Dave Pascal

cover art by John

audio samples on Switchboard Sky found on
- static by groovyrandomness
- wind in trees by Alan McKinney


released December 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Jose Bold Seattle, Washington

I'm John, I make a new album every December

I'm also in a band called "Awesome" --

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Track Name: Beautiful Night
O what a beautiful night tonight

In the field of the dogs
To the moon the dogs howl

To the field comes the dawn
With the dawn the sun comes
Track Name: Columbia
Wandering the streets in a nightgown
She can't sleep
She has tried
Baggy eyed

Stress full of fire
Arms loaded down with telephone wire
She sure could use a vacation
I'm afraid she'll burn something down otherwise

You're my love still
Your body is glowing against your will

I don't ever want you to die
But all things change
O things change

Dress you up in a cannon hat
What do you have to say about that
This is what they hired you for
You volunteered, support the war
Can't a man get close to you

My Columbia
I made the bed for you
Get off your feet my dear

All things change
O things change
Track Name: Milky Way
When the bridge ends it turns into a waterfall
When the waterfall evaporates to nothing at all
When the nothing sinks everything rises up
When it rises up it runneth over in my cup
When my cup cracks a steady stream trickles out
When the stream grows a mighty river comes about
When the river meets the ocean land drops away
When that happens there's a bridge to show us all the way

When did I lose my way
When did I go astray
I hope I'll find it another day
Track Name: Mts to Sound
I asked you where you're going
You said up to the mountain peak
From there I'll jump into the sea
And that's the last you'll hear of me

I miss you more than you could know
I wake up with nowhere to go
The mountain seems so far away
But I will climb it one day
Track Name: Fire on the Moon
I saw it in the sky
I saw it in your eye
I feel like a knot has come undone
Track Name: Lighthouse
Old man at sea
A sail for every woe
Woe the man at sea
Who sails and knows no home

You belong on the shore
You belong with the lights
Tether thee with line
To the lighthouse

Old man adrift
With no one at your ear
Sailing for the rift
'Tween all you know and fear

Round and round goes the white light
Round and round the sound goes the night light

Old man at sea
I wish you could come home
Woe the man I see
No longer knows his own
Track Name: Switchboard Sky
Am I coming through
Is that you

Watching the waves roll
Watching the board light up

I troll the wires searching for your voice
I'm on the wires waiting for your voice
Track Name: River Song
Just as I lay me down
To float down the river now
I pluck the air out from the breeze
Fill up my lungs the scent of trees

Water, take me apart
I offer you all my heart
I pluck the air out from the breeze
Hold it inside

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