How to Catch a Plane

by Jose Bold

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guest vocal on Sorry by Prom Queen

audio samples from members:
rockets by cognito perceptu
meadow ambience by eric5335
blast off by electroviolence
large crowd applause by bansemer

thanks to Celene, "Awesome", and the great loves Montana, Indie & Mei


released December 21, 2017


all rights reserved



Jose Bold Seattle, Washington

I'm John, I make a new album every December

I'm also in a band called "Awesome" --

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Track Name: Asteroid
I'm an asteroid
and I'm headed for you
can't avoid the asteroid
nothing personal
but I'm coming for you

you've done good, you've done right
but alas it is time
take you out on the town
for a hot date underground
we will perish intertwined
your constellation in the sky
then come back all fire and joy
as someone else's asteroid
Track Name: Routine
I'm in love with my routine
I work hard to set it in stone
but every time I put the pieces in place
it crumbles and I'm all alone

build it up, knock it down
build it up, knock it down
structure bending in the wind
build it up, knock it down
build it up, knock it down
over and over and over again

try to give up but you can't quit
while the stars spin in the sky
destined just to roll a boulder up a hill
lowest low unto the highest high

I want to take my baby somewhere special tonight
I want to stay up, stay out till first light
I want to see the world as if there's no beginning or end
I want to make that structure bend
and if I find I'm not the person I think I should be
I want to tear it down and change my routine
Track Name: Band Together
we're getting the band back together
we're putting the amps back together
we broke them when the wires got severed
but they're insured so hey whatever

we're setting the stands up together
we're setting up inside the theater
we're letting the fans in together
even though we're not starting for another
year or so

we're getting the bands all together
we're letting our hands clap together
we're playing loud then soft as a feather
our sounds rising up forever and ever
Track Name: Sorry (ft. Prom Queen)
I'm sorry
I messed everything up again
but I'm trying to make it up to you

sometimes I see stars
instead of what's in front of me
sometimes I jump
without checking
but I'm trying not to be so clumsy

I would like it if you'd stay
if there was any way
for you to forgive me

I'm sorry
I messed everything up again
but I'm trying to make it up to you
Track Name: Spring March
the trees fall silent
the stars burn cold

the sky is heavy
the weight untold

the lights are shivering
a crisp clear hold

I call your name
the voice sounds old

winter passes through the air
in land of branches bare
now is time absorb the snow
now is time begin to
Track Name: Drive Away
we can stay awake
we can stay awake all night

we can make mistakes
we'll do it wrong till we do it right

we can talk a game
we can talk a game as if everything's the same

or we can say the things
that we need to say before it's too late

we drive away
but we go on

so it's come to this
I've no idea what I'm doing

we drive away
the city lights receding
as credits roll

and then go on
into the dark that lies beyond

we drive away
but we go on
I turn to you
but you're not sitting by me
Track Name: Fly Bye
fly away fly away fly away
above the clouds
through the air over water
fly away

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