Amp Year

by Jose Bold

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released December 15, 2012

cover art by Counsel Langley


all rights reserved



Jose Bold Seattle, Washington

I'm John, I make a new album every December

I'm also in a band called "Awesome" --

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Track Name: Get Better Nova
Well o well what a year what a glorious agony
In a ceaseless unending cacophony
Listen close and it turns into harmony
Ringing up to the moon

O I tried to be good or whatever that means
We're all lost out at sea chasing a dream
And if we get it it's not what it seems
Like reaching to grab the moon

I'm not poor and I'll never be wealthy
I just want the ole happy and healthy
And all the things that you want for your family
Maybe some money too

I just don't wanna fret how'm I gonna do all o this
When the secret of life and eternal bliss
Is contained in one meaningful kiss
And maybe some money too

From deep in our skulls to the far outer space
There are great gears turning and turning apace
You could fit us all on the head of a pin
It just makes me want to begin again

So I'll see you again in this sunset or the next
If you're fizzling out or your ship is wrecked
Get better hands and feet on deck
And sail till you hit the moon
Track Name: Raincoat
Rain rain raincoat
Ward off rainsoak
Keep me dry as the sand on a beach in summer
Way stoked
To be wearing you raincoat

Hail St. Raincoat
My parade float
Feels like I'm above the clouds where the sun still shines in a
Without worry
Love you raincoat

Rain rain come down down to the surface of the
Round round world where I stand staring at
The clouds and while rain rain hits the coat around me
The sound sounds like a tiny drummer sinfonietta

I wish I could make my raincoat grow
So all my friends family and everyone I know
Could fit inside that coat
We could start a city of our own
Stay dry when it pours outside and go
Back out when the sun shows

We'd elect a mayor of the raincoat
To manage our affairs
And get the raincoat vote
Through mass coat share
We'll plant little raincoats
Grow them June to May
And when our kids grow old
We'll tell them how the coat was back in the day

Rain rain everywhere
On my mind
Swirling in the air
All the time

I walk out in my raincoat
Wait for something new
Then the sun cuts through

And the sun and the rain turn everything to silver air
The clouds fall away as I stare
And silent as a rainbow
I remove my raincoat
Track Name: Islands
Pull your aching bones up
We're alight
For your insight I will be outside

Isn't it enough for you to know
That you belong to
I have got a friend that you should know
Would it be wrong to
Is it just enough for you to know
I'll help you out too
I am not afraid I've got your wing
So we'll set off to

Scenes of homes that we'd live in
What sights
Don't be sad what we have is alright

Isn't it enough for you to know
That you belong to
I have got a friend that you should know
Would it be wrong to
Is it just enough for you to know
I'll help you out too
I am not afraid I've got your wing
So we'll set off to
Track Name: Awake
Waiting for first light to stop the wind from
Throwing rain against the window while I'm
Thinking about the things I know that I'm
Forgetting to do before they scuttle down the drain

I daydream that I am someone else who has it better
Or someone else who has it much harder
And who am I to be somebody other
Than me
Track Name: Car
I just wanna get into a car and have it start

I just want to get onto a bicycle and ride
Track Name: Gbye Gbye
I don't want you to go
To the place that we know
Will be waiting for us
At the end of the road

It's the end of the show
And we have to go
So let's take it slow
Up the exit row
Track Name: It's the End and Maybe the Beginning of the World As We Know It and I Feel OK and I Love You
We'll stand together as the ocean burns
The airplanes flailing making love to sinking ships O
The storms will pull out limbs off
We'll replace them all with sticks
And intertwined my love we'll make a tree

One day that tree will learn to be a forest
And bear the fruit that makes the world remember taste O
On a hill your voice will echo
Circling round and round
Chased by a voice that sounds a lot like mine

Our voices swirling round will make a vortex
With atoms smashing passionately divine O
Spitting bits of matter round
The building blocks of life
And from those goops of ooze new life will spring

I will watch the species rise
In spite of their decline
As they grow to outer space one day
You can be the mother earth
And raise your many kids
Even as they claw and bite your skin off

Then we'll have apocalypse for breakfast
The landscape boiling deep fried to a crusty black O
After all is silent
We'll give each other smiles
And close our cosmic eyes and go to sleep

But don't cry love
Cuz we still have time
There's still a sky outside tonight
And I have eyes for you
Track Name: Pinspot
Bee stings and sage
Decorate your leg
All the way down

Toothaches and grace
Pour out your mouth
All the way down

Steamboats we'll race
Over the falls
All the way down

Ascend the mountain range
Sled down on crepes
All the way down

Tin foil and clay
I can hear from your room
All the way down

You're from outer space
From your halo
All the way down

Before my mind starts going
You should know that I love you so

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